Inspiration Fridays! Can you buy inspiration?

8paint Inspiration Fridays - Can you buy Inspiration?

Can you buy inspiration?

Today, I went thrifting. I was looking for color. Fuchsia vases and cobalt cups grabbed at me, even a striking black and copper bowl emerged from the clutter. The dollar store offered up neon-colored poster board, the perfect backdrop for vibrant still lifes.

“Dwell on the beauty of life. Watch the stars, and see yourself running with them.” – Marcus Aurelius

Collecting these beautiful items fuels my creativity. Each piece, with its unique color and shape, becomes a muse for my paintings. The joy lies not just in owning these treasures but in uncovering what inspirations they bring with them.

8paint Inspiration Fridays Can you buy Inspiration?

It’s not clutter, it’s retail therapy.

A combination of objects well arranged transforms the ordinary into art. Every piece can spark my imagination and help me to see the world anew.

Of course, the inspiration lives in each us. New shiny objects will just become tomorrow’s recycling if we don’t bring our creativity and ourselves into the mix. It’s fun to pick things off the shelves, but it’s better to paint them.

What do use to jump-start your creative process?

Have you tried telling a story with objects?

Can you buy inspiration?

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