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Make Room For You

Sometimes I forget that I’m an artist. I’m the inappropriately loud cheering section at the kids soccer game, the overly caffeinated Zoom call guy, the friend who won’t text back but sends memes in the middle of the night, the spouse that never sleeps. That’s all relatively the new me. First, I was an artist. It hasn’t been the other way around.

“Beauty will save the world.” – Dostoevsky

Art isn’t for everyone. Some people go through their lives without giving art a second thought, but those people aren’t me, and if you’re reading this, they probably aren’t you either.

The arts make sense of this crazy world, and we rely on our art to keep us sane. The busier we get, the easier it is for our art to take a backseat. But, it’s the very act of creating that provides us with the answers that we need to navigate this life. So what to do?

8paint Inspiration Fridays - Make Room For You - A loosely Packed Adventure Kit

A loosely packed adventure kit.

Pack your pencils, your crayons, your paints, whatever tools you use to create, and make some room. If there’s no room (because everywhere you look, there’s something that desperately needs your attention) then maybe it’s time to remove yourself from the routine.

​Fill your backpack with art, grab your cigarettes and beef jerky, or your Luna bars and kombucha, and hit the hills. Find some sacred space on a beach or a mountain or a dimly lit booth in a south end sports-bar. Just give yourself some room to be you.

I know there is a lot to do. But it will be there when you get back, and if you allow yourself sometime to create, to play, and aimlessly explore, the world will slow down a little bit, and be waiting excitedly for your return.

Where do you go to recharge?

Is your art in the backseat?

How do you make room for you?

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