Inspiration Fridays! What will you paint tomorrow?

8paint Inspiration Friday What Will You Paint Tomorrow?

What will you paint tomorrow?

Spring is more beautiful than the limits of my imagination.

“To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow.” – Audrey Hepburn

This week, we celebrated Mayday at my daughters’ school. Crafting crowns of flowers for the kids, we watched as they danced, weaving ribbons around the maypole, and racing through the rural landscape. It was surreal. The beauty of the whole scene felt otherworldly. With the exception of the parents’ iPhones and sunglasses, we could have been watching a celebration from 100 years ago. The air was clean and I breathed it all in.

The Giving Tree – Gabriel Mark Lipper – mixed media on panel – 24″x24″

It’s the artists’ job to stay present.

If you didn’t make it to the easel today, instead of berating yourself for falling off, take some time to reflect. Reach back into your day, and identify those moments of ethereal-pollinated magic.

Of course, a Mayday celebration always makes finding the magic a little bit easier.

White shirts and sun-drenched dresses, cascades of twisting hair, braided flowers, and children dancing, all of this punctuated by the richness of our rolling green valley. It’s a picture that will stay with me for a long time. It will inspire other pictures. There is not always enough time in the day to do everything that we feel we need to do. But each day can give us what we need if we let it.

So how do you create the incredible art you’ve always dreamed of with the time you have left? Breathe in the inspiration. Grab the tools that you need, and make sure that tomorrow is a day for painting.

What sprouts under the surface of your day?

Is there beauty in your life that you may have overlooked?


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