Inspiration Fridays! Mastery Is Not Just For The Masters

Inspiration Fridays! Mastery Is Not Just For The Masters

Mastery Is Not Just For The Masters

I like comfortable. I’m a huge fan of vacations and barbecues. Throw in some friends, family, and a competitive game of lawn darts and I’ve found my happy place.  But the moments that really stand out for me when I look back at the highlight reel, are times that weren’t particularly comfortable at all. I stepped into the unknown and beyond what I thought was possible. In most of these situations, I got a nudge.

“You can only exceed your limits if you’ve discovered them.” – Roel van Sleeuwen

These are the moments that stick out for me because they changed who I am. The realization that I could stretch, and still come out okay caused a shift. This shift was rarely achieved without some help. Someone had to point into the unknown and show me my potential. Bravery comes with practice, but it’s rarely comfortable. We can all use some encouragement.

Inspiration Fridays Mastery Is Not Just For The Masters

When I respond to the call to create, I’m never disappointed.

There is no safer place to learn how far you are willing to go than, when you’re standing in front of the easel, facing down your limitations. Sometimes those limitations can be all too obvious, but they aren’t necessarily easy to fix.

The studio is a creative incubator. Taking that big risk on a painting can feel terrifying but there is little to lose if you decide to go big. When you finally break through your blocks and your paintings are landing, you’ve found yourself in the “flow-state”. When painting becomes intuitive, and effortless, there is nothing better.

Here’s the catch. We all have some idea of what we’re good at and what we’re not good at. This understanding helps us navigate life’s hurdles efficiently for the most part, but there are also times when that self-knowledge (or assumptions about ourselves and our limitations) can stop us in our tracks. We may be too quick to judge. If we know we can’t, then we can’t. That’s the time for risk.

Change is inevitable but the ability to navigate that change is also learnable. There are people farther along on this journey that can help you springboard forward and go beyond what you thought was possible. Seeking out a mentorship or community of artists to help you discover what you can’t see for yourself might be the missing piece. Mastery is not just for the masters. You have something incredible to share with the world. But in order to find your flow, you have to be willing to leap.

Paint Tuff,

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How do you solve the problems you don’t have solutions for?

Who have you asked for help?

Is risk a part of your art?


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